About Us


Hey y'all!

We are Destiny and Kimberly, the owners and creators behind Daisy Kae. We are both from a small little town in Alabama, military wives, but most importantly we are mamas. 

About Destiny:
I am a mama to a beautiful little girl who happens to be on the autism spectrum. I have 3 dogs, 2 pitties and a mutt. A little bit about me, I love skeletons, Disney, true crime, witchy things, and anything caffeine in the form of Starbies or Dr Pepper. I started my small business journey right after my daughter was born in 2020, but wanted to branch out and make something that I knew I could be proud of, so I brought my partner in crime, cousin and best friend on with me and now our business Daisy Kae was born. BUT because I currently make sensory chewies for my daughter, Kimberly said we had a market to expand. 

About Kimberly:
I am a mama to an adorable little boy, and a pittie. A little about me, I love Disney, True Crime, witchy things, and love anything caffeine in the form of Dr Pepper or Coffee. I joined Destiny back in November with her original business but we wanted to rebrand and make it something that showed who we were together. 

Holly Blossom Kids - the birth flowers combined of our little babies. Something to bring them in without using their names. This is to show how important they are to us and to hopefully stand out.